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"The Man of Many Faces"

"The Man of Many Faces" Is a Revelation!

Uncovering the Truth about Dr Malachi Z. York & The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
Contributors: Yovan Christenson & Adafa Nimruwd Nicol-El Foreword by: Nebu Ka Ma'at
Finally a book with the most comprehensive and objective critique of the Nuwaubian movement, detailing the life and teachings of the man at the helm, Malachi Z. York. What this book does above all, is allow the reader to go on a journey through his life, examining in detail his philosophies and actions, enabling both supporters and detractors to arrive at their own conclusions.

It will, undoubtedly also appeal to those who want to know more about Black Nationalism, and the myriad of movements this remarkable phenomenon has spawned, as it is a comprehensive guide to the achievements of black groups in the United States over the last hundred years. For those equally interested in the inner workings of the North American judicial system, their curiosity will be satisfied with the first hand descriptions and observations of the arrest and imprisonment of Malachi York, raising some disturbing questions as to the legitimacy of his conviction.

The book also intimately chronicles the growth of Hip Hop culture during its so-called 'Golden Era' of the 1980s, lead by Afrika Bambaataa's Universal Zulu Nation and 5% Nation of Gods & Earths under the direct influence of Dr. York and Minister Farrakhan, and how the genre was originally rooted in African self-development and self-determination.

As a direct descendant of Sudanese Religious & Political Reformer 'The Mahdi' Muhammad Ahmed, and student of American Islamic Pioneer Shaikh Daoud Ahmad Faisal, York would later incorporate these influences with many aspects of Black Nationalism, first Championed by Noble Drew Ali, Marcus Garvey, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad & El Hajj Malik El Shabaaz (Malcolm X) in America. Determined not to repeat the mistakes made by his predecessors, York established The Ansaaru Allah / Nubian Islamic Hebrew Mission during the late 1960's, for the purpose of implementing his unique vision for the future.

Above all, this book provides hitherto unprecedented insight into the inner workings of the Nuwaubian movement, including areas where York succeeded as well as ultimately failed. Challenging the reader to look beyond the Man, and instead examine his actions, question his decisions as well as our own prejudices - do we judge York differently because of his beliefs, or do we admire him for his actions in spite of them?

Overall this is the story of one man's quest to raise the condition of his people, and what might have been, had this movement been allowed to survive unhindered within the U.S. And with all of the talk of the "American Dream", we once again see a clear example of how this only applies to those willing to support the status quo.                                                                                                                                       Most importantly, this examination will not only challenge many of the Media based misconceptions surrounding the Nuwaubians, but also serve as a manual for current and future generations eager to learn about successive offshoots of the Nuwaubian philosophy throughout the black Diaspora, as testament to Dr. York's teachings, and pursuit of the future development and true independence of the black race.  FOR THE BOOK GO TO;                                                                                                                       

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Who is The Master Teacher Malachi K York?

Who is The Master Teacher Malachi K York?

Check out a brief timeline of events
Malachi K. York has led a life of positive leadership in his community. As a spiritual teacher who has been teaching for over 35 years, Mr. York emerged out of the civil rights movement and chose to assist in the empowerment of African American people worldwide. He is the author of over 400 books on race relations, religion, and the plight of “African Americans” in America and prior to their bondage. His objective was and has always been to empower and improve the mentality of the youth in an effort to encourage them to be productive and beneficial to the society in which they live.
Mr. York’s literature has positively influenced many people including major recording Artists, Jay-Z, Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu, and India Arie, to name a few. He was awarded the Key to the City in Brooklyn, New York by former Mayor Ed Koch, as well as awards and acclaim from the former Mayors of Macon, and Augusta Georgia. He has built a church, school and clinic in his country of legal residence, Liberia, Monrovia. His school is called the Amen Institute.

Mr. York made his Declaration of Intent to become a Liberian Citizen on July 12th, 1997 within the courts of Montserrado County in the Republic of Liberia and was appointed as a Diplomat on December 15th, 1999 by the former President Dr. Charles Ghankay Taylor. His Citizenship and Diplomatic status of Consul General are still honored and recognized under Her Excellency President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson. Malachi York expatriated himself when he made his Declaration of Intention to the Republic of Liberia on July 12, 1999.
Malachi K. York moved to Eatonton, Georgia in 1993 where he purchased approximately 400 acres of land with the intent of building an Egyptian-styled theme park, museums and lecture halls.
Shortly after beginning construction he encountered racism, intimidation and adversity from public officials, as they unfairly refused to grant him zoning rights. Though he continued his efforts toward building the amusement park, his victimization was so extreme, it lead him to the decision to relinquish his American Citizenship and begin the planning process toward rebuilding in another land, Africa. After six consecutive years of litigation and public support, he was finally awarded all of the zoning permits required to complete his vision, but the harassment didn’t end there.
On May 8th 2002, Federal agents alongside state and local law enforcement besieged and executed a raid on the 400 acres. Mr. York, not present on the property was arrested in Eatonton on charges of transporting minors across state lines for the purpose of sex, and later for racketeering and money structuring. This arrest, without due process was an orchestrated attempt to overshadow and consequently destroy his credibility as an author, teacher, and humanitarian.
Most witnesses and alleged victims, some of which were children, were threatened and coerced by FBI agents some at gun point, to make false allegations and statements against Mr. York. This is supported by the affidavits and recantations by these witnesses and alleged victims. The prosecutions’ key witness also recanted.
Five children who were taken into custody during the raid on the 400 acres, and named in the indictment as alleged victims, were examined and found to have never been molested. This fact was made known during a Juvenile custody trial represented by Attorney Janice Mathis of the Rainbow Push Coalition who went on to win the case because the claim of molestation had no merit. This took place prior to the trial against Malachi York. This fact alone should have caused the trial against Mr. York be dismissed, as the children and the only alleged victims that were under the age of 18, were proven never molested. Of the remaining 8 alleged victims, most recanted their statements by way of written affidavits, and were all over the age of 18 at the time of trial. A total of 8 of the 13 alleged victims actually testified on Mr. York’s behalf during the trial.

The actual trial against Mr. York (see 5:02-CR-27-CAR) was presided over by Chief Judge Charles Ashley Royal of the United States District 13 Court for the Middle District of Georgia, Macon Division. Judge Royal failed to recuse himself after it was discovered that he represented Oconee Regional Hospital in Georgia as the hospitals attorney in a law suit against Mr. York’s Common-Law family. In this particular case, Mr. York’s father in law Eli Richardson whom resided at the 400 acre property, died after a sponge was left in him during surgery. The family sought damages and compensation for such malpractice which resulted in a favorable legal outcome for the family though the life of their love one could never be replaced. This again, was prior to Mr. York’s trial, thereby rendering Chief Judge C. Ashley Royal as impartial and in conflict of interest pursuant to 28 USC § 455.

All of the transcripts of the trial were sealed-hidden from the public along with the plethora of injustices and lack of due process of the law committed against Mr. York. During the trial Consul General Malachi York was denied access to media, and a law library which is his constitutional right. Judge Royal also refused to recognize Malachi York’s diplomatic status as Consul General and his Nationality as a Native American Moor, which Malachi York stated “on the record” on several occasions.

When he fired the Garland Firm as defense counsel (due to ineffective assistance of counsel) during a hearing on December 30th 2003, Mr. York was forced by Judge Royal to keep the discharged counsel as advisor to his new attorney Adrian Patrick. Patrick had been Mr. York’s attorney for a mere 3 weeks prior to this and Judge Ashley Royal refused to give Consul General Mr. York an extension for his newly hired attorney to properly prepare his brief. The record shows the Report and Recommendation from the Magistrate Judge on the § 2255 motion, more specifically a Constitutional Habeas Corpus (Case#: 5:07-CV-90001-CAR/5:02-CR-27-CAR as agreeing to this Judicial Misconduct where he states:
“After being extended the opportunity to re-think his position, Mr. York ‘officially fired’ Mr. Garland and Mr. Aurora, ‘for the record’.” Id. at 17, 18. However, the court advised Mr. Aurora that he was not released, but would remain in the hearing to advise Mr. Patrick, if Mr. Patrick needed advice. .
Further displaying his partiality and racist conduct, Judge Royal continued his persecution of Mr. York by holding court on Martin Luther King’s Birthday on January 20th, 2003 which is a legal public holiday pursuant to 5 USC § 6103 and in violation of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 56 which states that:

The United Nuwaupians Worldwide are seeking help in this matter to objectively look at all of the facts of this case; Facts that prove Mr. York’s innocence and the U.S courts never having jurisdiction to try this matter. Assistance is sought in the case of Mr. York by receiving fair media attention as well as public support to stand up on behalf of Justice

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His correct name is H.E. DR. MALACHI KOBINA YORKE T.M. .Not DWIGHT D. YORK.He is a Ghanian of Takordi, NorthWest Ghana, of the Ashanti Tribe of Akan, rooted from Sierra Leone, West Africa as Bassa Ri and Liberia West Africa, as AD Bassa, or Bah-Suh.

He was Muslim, Ansar.He is a Wu-Nuwaupu. A Nuwupian “only” and those of him are a part of the United Nuwaupian or Nuwaubians worldwide.----------------->